Goat breed yielding the highest butterfat content in milk

Goat breed yielding the highest butterfat content in milk
Nigerian dwarf goat
10 percentage
13 January 2015
The breed of goat yielding the highest butterfat content in its milk is, surprisingly, one of the smallest breeds, the Nigerian dwarf goat. According to the American Dairy Goat Association its milk's butterfat content averages at 6.1–6.5%, which is much higher than that of full-sized goat breeds. Moreover, during lactation this percentage can rise to 10% and sometimes even higher, so its milk is popularly used in cheese-making. Moreover, in terms of weight of milk a Nigerian dwarf goat can produce up to 3.6 kg per day, although the average is roughly half that. The downside of producing so much milk is that it is difficult to obtain it readily from this breed, because its teats are so small. For despite its name, the Nigerian dwarf goat is not a dwarf in the strict medical, teratological sense of the term, but is instead a true miniature breed, i.e., its body, head and limbs are all in the same proportion to one another as they are in normal, full-sized goats. In a true dwarf specimen, conversely, the limbs would be smaller in proportion to the head and body than they would be in a normal, full-sized goat or in a miniature goat.