Largest suspended piñata (pinata)
PRIME Hydration
2469.46 cubic metre(s)
Mexico (Mexico City)

The largest suspended piñata measured 2,469.46 m³ (87,208.16 ft³), and was achieved by PRIME Hydration (USA) at Campo Marte, Mexico City, Mexico, on 9 December 2023.

To promote a new product from 'Prime', Logan Paul and KSI summoned their fans to witness the record attempt for Largest piñata and Largest suspended piñata. This piñata is shaped like a bottle of Prime and was made of a metal structure, fabric, paper and aluminum. Inside it contained energy drinks and balls that were given away to the public. After the official measurement, the piñata was suspended for 30 minutes and both Paul and KSI hit it before releasing the contents as would happen with a regular piñata. The audience sang the traditional songs that are customary in Mexico when breaking a piñata.