Most consecutive days writing a song
Jonathan Mann
5,038 total number
United States (Hartford)

As of 17 October 2022, Jonathan Mann (USA) had written a song every day for 5,038 consecutive days. He embarked on his “Song-a-Day” project on 1 January 2009, with each track written, recorded and posted to his self-titled YouTube channel – which has attracted more than 73,000 subscribers and 39,140,157 views.

Mann's “heartfelt, fun and quirky” songs, often custom-made for corporate events or individuals, include “Duet with Siri” (a collaboration with iPhone's virtual assistant), “Non-Existent Cat”, “The Charlie Sheen Quotes Song”, “iOS Autocomplete Song” (with lyrics provided by the mobile operating system's autocomplete function), “Baby Yoda Baby Baby Yoda” and a song based on a scientific paper called “Quantum Decoupling Transition in a One-Dimensional Feshbach-Resonant Superfluid”.

Mann's work has been endorsed by the likes of American TV personalities Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow. The late co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, used “The iPhone Antenna Song” to open Apple's iPhone 4 press conference in July 2010.