Most venomous caterpillar
giant silkworm moths, genus <i>Lonomia</i>
Brazil ()

The most venomous caterpillars are those of the giant silkworm moths belonging to the genus Lonomia, native to Brazil and elsewhere in South America. These caterpillars, referred to as assassin caterpillars, are very well camouflaged when resting on the bark of trees, so are not readily perceived. However, the LD50 for their venom, a potent anticoagulant contained in their bodies' dense covering of hairs, is 0.19, and if a person should inadvertently touch a group of these hairy cryptic larvae present on a tree trunk or branch, this can cause massive internal haemorrhaging, renal failure, haemolysis and even death (most frequently resulting from intra-cranial haemorrhaging).