First home skateboarding park
Philipp Schuster
Austria (Salzburg)
Twenty-eight-year-old professional skateboarder Philipp Schuster (Austria) is a skateboarder who dreamed of skateboarding in his own home. With the help of some friends and 8 tonnes (17,637 lb) of concrete he transformed the ground floor of an old Austrian hunting lodge in Salzburg into an indoor skatepark in 2012. After constructing several concrete banks, quarter pipes and bumps, Philipp was able to skate up onto walls, beneath windows and over the fireplace of his home. Originally from Vienna, Philipp Schuster is one of the foremost Austrian skateboarders, and has won several European championships. Known particularly for his street-based skateboarding, he is also a recognized photographer. Several skateboarders have made wooden ramps to kit out house interiors, but these are essentially temporary bits of furniture, soon removed. Others have made single rooms into skateable areas, but these areas do not cover the entire floor of a house. The PAS house for Pierre Andre Senizergues in Malibu, California, USA, is described as a skateable house, but this was a prototype – the intended final version in the USA has not yet been built as of November 2014.