Longest duration full body contact with ice (male)
Valerjan Romanovski
3:00:28 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)
Lithuania (Wilno)

The longest duration full body contact with ice is 3 hr 28 sec and was achieved by Valerjan Romanovski (Poland), in Wilno, Wilenski, Lithuania, on 23 October 2021.

For many years, Valerjan has been researching the capabilities of the human body. He says "I do believe that the potential of the body and above all, mind, is much greater than what we all assume. Working on the body and mind is my passion and it gives me great satisfaction."

Valerjan spent half a year training for this record attempt. After a few training sessions, he realised he was capable of achieving the record. When asked about his training regime, he says "I have been dealing with the cold for several years. Previously I was doing endurance cycling (he has previously achieved the record for farthest distance cycled off-road in 12 hours male, with 314.65 km / 195.51 miles in 2017). I prepared for the ice record in a similar way to cycling (training, rest, regeneration). I trained in ice, in icy water and in freezing air. In the house where I live, I bathe in cold water. In training, I spent up to 90 minutes in the ice. I added into my training plan the treatments in a Normobaric chamber. Before the record, I also slept in this chamber."

When asked about any challenges on the day, Valerjan said "I live in Poland and decided to attempt the record in Lithuania, Vilnius where I was born which was a big logistical challenge. The conditions were unfavourable for the record attempt. Outside was around 8°C, windy and it rained from time to time."

Valerjan states that he needed no time to recover after the attempt as he did not even reach his limit. On the second day, he was already back in icy water.

He is currently planning to attempt more records and already has over a dozen projects lined up including cycling at -170°C and several trips to Yakutia, Russia and Lapland.

Valerjan describes having a GWR title as a distinction and a sign that he has mastered a given field. He dedicates each of his records to people suffering from cancer. He is the ambassador of the DKMS foundation which helps people with blood cancer. This event was done to help support the foundation.