Most expensive hair sold at auction online
Elvis Presley
115120 UK pound(s) sterling
United States (MastroNet Inc,Oak Brook,Illinois)

The most valuable hair clippings sold at auction are a mass of dark black cuttings from the head of Elvis Presley which were sold by his personal barber, Homer 'Gill' Gilleland, for $115,120 (£72,791, buyer's premium included) to an anonymous buyer during an online auction held by MastroNet Inc, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA on 15 November 2002.

The mass of hair is approximately 3 in (8 cm) in diameter and is accompanied by letters of authenticity from Tom Morgan Jr. (detailing their history), John W. Heath (the world's foremost Elvis memorabilia expert) and John Reznikoff of University Archives (the world's most respected authority in the field of hair collecting).