Longest duration on high-heeled roller skates while spinning three hula hoops
Rachel Brown (AKA Symoné)
4:03 minute(s):second(s)
United Kingdom (London)

The longest duration on high-heeled roller skates while spinning three hula hoops is 4 min 3 sec, achieved by Rachel Brown (AKA Symoné) (UK), in London, UK, on 16 September 2021.

Symoné is a performance artist and has performed all over the world. She had an untraditional route into hooping, having first been inspired by two dancers hooping at a festival in the US. Before this she had little exposure to dance or circus so had never seen anything like it.

Her main inspirations were hula hoopers Tiana Zoumer and Lisa Lottie in both dance and circus style hooping. When she moved to London, Symoné was introduced to circus by The Roundhouse and joined a hula hoop training programme that lead to her first performance at the Olympic Torch Rely in 2012. This is now her 11th year hula hooping and she is "just as in love with it!"

"[The UK hooping community is] pretty huge... there are hoop conventions and retreats every year. There are always new hula hoopers with incredible styles emerging."

She trained for this record over the course of two years, including building ankle strength, endurance, core strength, and of course learning how to roller skate on 5-inch heels! She also created self-care routines, as ensuring her mind was in the right place to take on a challenge like this was just as important as her body strength.

On achieving the record, she said: "After just over a decade of hula hooping, this record would be a milestone for me to remember how far I've come and what is possible to achieve. To look back on the time I was in my small bedroom learning how to hula hoop with YouTube tutorials to having accomplished working in 10 different countries doing what I love is something I would have never imagined happening in my life."