Most money raised by a videogame speedrunning event
Awesome Games Done Quick
$3,416,729 US dollar(s)
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The most money raised by a video game speedrunning event is $3,416,729 for Prevent Cancer Foundation (USA). Organisation Games Done Quick (USA) achieved the record figure during its flagship Awesome Games Done Quick event, which ran from 9 to 16 January 2022 online only due to the pandemic. The figure is also the most raised by a single Games Done Quick event, with 2020's in-person Awesome Games Done Quick event in second with $3,164,002 raised. AGDQ 2022 showcased a total of 149 speedruns and received 49,482 donations from 28,073 different people. The most high-profile stunt saw speedrunner Mitchriz (USA) complete the notoriouisly-difficult Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (2019, FromSoftware) while blindfolded in just over two hours.