Longest journey in Minecraft
Kurt J Mac
3,857 kilometre(s)
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In March 2011, Kurt J Mac (USA) set out on an epic quest to reach the fabled Far Lands – the area roughly 12,500 km (7,767 miles) from the player’s initial spawn point, where technical issues in pre-version-1.8 releases caused strange anomalies in the terrain. Kurt has been documenting his journey on his YouTube channel “Far Lands or Bust!”, using his quest to raise money for charity. As of 31 August 2019, he had walked 3,857,848 blocks (3,857 kilometres; 2,396 miles), which means he'd completed 30.7% of his journey.

Kurt comments that "The most noticeable effect of traveling this far in Minecraft is the jittery player movement, caused by floating-point rounding errors in how the game calculates player location on the map. As the coordinate number gets larger, it gets more imprecise causing the world to appear to skip underneath us while traveling. The effect is already somewhat nauseating to some viewers, and it will only get worse as the mathematical error will double when we reach a distance of 4,194,304."