Longest streetcar/tram route (intra-city transport)
75 Tram
Australia (Melbourne)

The longest urban tram (streetcar) route is Public Transport Victoria Route 75, which runs 22.8 km (14.1 miles) from Vermont South, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, to the city's central business district. The 75 route was extended to its current extent on 26 January 2014.

The previous holder – Toronto's 501 Queen route – has been split into several overlapping sections in recent years (once in 2009 and again in 2015). As such it is no longer a continuous line that a passenger can ride from one terminus to another without changing trams.

The Greater Manchester Tram network's Rochdale-East Didsbury Route measures 23.8 km from the beginning of the route to the end, however, only a short section of the route as it passes through the city centre is actually shared with motor vehicle traffic. The rest of the line's length runs through old railway viaducts separated from vehicles.