Most product placements in a music video
Lady Gaga's "Telephone"
United States ()
The likes of Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears have taken product placement to new - and sometimes blatant - levels in recent years, but Lady Gaga (USA, b. Stefani Germanotta) gave a whole new meaning to music video advertising when she released the nine-minute-plus clip for "Telephone", her 2011 duet with Beyoncé. Among the dozen or so brands clearly visible in the video are Virgin Mobile, Beats Electronics, Heartbeats earphones, Polaroid, Chanel sunglasses, Wonder bread, Kraft's Miracle Whip salad dressing, Plenty of Fish and Diet Coke, with the drink cans imaginatively utilized by Lady Gaga as hair rollers. Additionally, a number of fashion designers are given a nod as the singers show off an extravagant range of outfits.