Most weight lifted by kettlebell swing in one hour (male)
Steven Burkett
43463 kilogram(s)
United States (Carlsbad)
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

The heaviest weight lifted by kettlebell swing in one hour (male) is 43,463 kg (95,819 lb), and was achieved by Steven Burkett (USA) in Carlsbad, California, USA, on 5 March 2022.

Steven has previously achieved the one minute (2,023 kg) and three minute (4,620 kg) versions of this title. He deployed as a US Marine and needed a easy “all in one” tool to train at a high level and found the kettlebell to be the perfect tool for his training. After perfecting his form, he was confident in his abilities to challenge for a world record. On the day of his attempt he was unable to keep his planned pace but was still able to surpass the previous record by over 6,000 kg!