Fastest autonomous car
282.428 km/h kilometre(s) per hour
United Kingdom (Elvington)

The fastest self-driving car is Robocar, which reached an average speed of 282.428 km/h (175.493 mph) during a two-way run at Elvington Airfield Circuit Race Track on 21 March 2019. The autonomous car was designed by automotive futurist Daniel Simon (Germany), who created the vehicles for movies such as Tron: Legacy (USA, 2010) and Captain America: The First Avenger (USA, 2011), and built and tested by Roborace (UK). The electrically powered, driverless vehicle has an Nvidia Drive PX 2 "brain" and was created to test the viability of a global race format using autonomous vehicles.

Robocar was tested during a two-way run along a 2.6-km (1.6-mile) straight at Elvington. Its east-to-west speed was clocked at 280.365 km/h (174.21 mph) and west-to-east was 284.492 (176.77 mph), as confirmed by the UK Timing Association (UKTA). The wind averaged 12.8 km/h (8 mph).

"Season Alpha" for the Robocar autonomous racing series, expected in Autumn 2019, will involve a variation of the Robocar – DevBot 2.0 – that will be piloted by a human for part of the race and by the AI for the rest.