Largest saxophone - playable by one person
J'Elle Stainer
Italy (Milan)

The largest saxophone which can be played by one person has a tube length of 6.745 m (22 ft. 1.55 in), a bell diameter of 39.1 cm (1 ft. 3.39 in) and was created by J'Elle Stainer (Brazil) for Gilberto Lopes of (Italy). The saxophone was measured in Cerveteri RM, Italy, on 3 August 2013.

The saxophone stands 2.74 m (8 ft. 11.87 in) tall, weighs 28.6 kg (63.05 lb) and an estimated internal air volume of 0.27 m³ (9.53 ft³). The instrument is considered to be a "sub contrabass" saxophone with a tonal range from Bb (Ab0) to F# (E3) which in terms of frequency is 25.95 Hz to 164.8 Hz. The sub contrabass saxophone was invented in 1846 by the Belgian Adolphe Sax who called it "sax bourdon" however it took 167 years before such an instrument was actually built.