Longest career as a ringmaster
Norman Barrett
60 year(s)
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Norman Barrett first became master of ceremonies for Robert Brothers Circus in the winter of 1956–57 and has been a master of ceremonies at various circuses ever since, celebrating the 60th career anniversary in the winter of 2016–17.

Norman Barrett has been dubbed "The World’s Greatest Ringmaster”, "The Ringmaster’s Ringmaster” and – more recently – as "Lord of the Ring”.

He was born to George and Winifred Barrett, who were taking a break from the circus world and working in farming. Norman’s father had grown to love horses as a result of his own father’s role as the owner of an iron and steel works in Bradford, West Yorkshire, where dray horses were used for deliveries.

Norman wrote of his father: "Dad was a very good animal trainer, very kind to his animals, and always more concerned, when he got to a new ground, about water for animals than where the tent was going. It would have reassured those people who are concerned about the treatment of circus animals, and surprised them, to see how he looked after his horses.”