Most historical dates recalled in five minutes
Syeda Kisa Zehra
Pakistan (Karachi)

On 19 December 2020, memory athlete Syeda Kisa Zehra (Pakistan) successfully memorized 241 fictitious dates in 5 minutes at the 29th World Memory Championship. The competition was held from 18 to 20 December 2020 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. In this contest, competitors had 5 minutes to memorize as many numerical historic or future (fictional) dates as possible and 20 minutes' recall time to link the correct date to the correct fictional event.

Syeda Kisa Zehra was born in 2001 and started competing in memory contests in the beginning of 2019. She has competed in various national and world memory, speed reading and mind-mapping championships. She is the 2019 UK Speed Reading Champion as well as the 2019 Pakistan National Mind Mapping Champion.