Highest combined age of 12 living siblings

Highest combined age of 12 living siblings
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Jose Hernandez Pérez, Miguel Hernandez Pérez, Luis Hernandez Pérez, Hortensia Hernandez Pérez, Francisco Hernandez Pérez, Angela Hernandez Pérez, Modesto Hernandez Pérez, Amada Hernandez Pérez, Rosario Ofelia Hernandez Pérez, Juan Hernandez Pérez, Carmen Hernandez Pérez, Alejandro Hernandez Pérez
1,058:249 year(s):day(s)
Spain (Moya)
04 August 2022

The highest combined age of 12 living siblings is 1,058 years 249 days and was achieved by the Hernandez Pérez siblings: Jose (b. 30 December 1924), Alejandro (b. 11 January 1926), Carmen (b. 16 August 1928), Juan (b.17 June 1929), Rosario Ofelia (b. 15 June 1930), Amada (b. 10 September 1932), Modesto (b. 22 February 1934), Angela (b. 14 July 1936), Francisco (b. 21 August 1938), Hortensia (b. 13 May 1941), Miguel (b. 3 June 1943) and Luis (b. 4 April 1946) (all Spain) as verified in Moya, Las Palmas, Spain, on 4 August 2022.

The siblings have lived in the same town of all their lives, alongside their parents, Modesto Hernández and Martina Pérez.