Highest combined age, 12 living siblings
Beryl Condillac (D'Cruz), Rosemarie DeSouza ( D'Cruz), Doreen Lewis (D'Cruz), Pat D'Cruz, Genevieve Falcao (D'Cruz), Ronald D'Cruz, Joe D'Cruz, Francesca Lobo (D'Cruz), Joyce Desouza ( D'Cruz), Althea Pecus (D'Cruz), Teresa Hedinger (D'Cruz), Genia Carter ( D;Cruz)
1042:315 year(s):day(s)
Canada (Toronto)

The highest combined age of 12 living siblings is 1,042 year 315 days, and was achieved by the D'Cruz siblings: Doreen (b. 23 September 1923), Patrick (b. 30 September 1925), Genevieve (b. 4 July 1927), Joyce (b. 2 March 1929), Ronnie (b. 24 August 1930), Beryl (b. 26 August 1932), Joe (b. 1 June 1934), Francesca (b. 17 September 1936), Althea (b. 27 July 1938), Teresa (b. 9 June 1940), Rosemarie (b. 30 March 1943), Eugenia (b. 24 October 1945), who were all born to Michael and Cecilia in Karachi, Pakistan. This achievement was verified on 15 December 2020.

The D'Cruz siblings are spread across Canada, the United States and Switzerland. Though they do not live in the same place, the D'Cruz's say they are a close family who count achieving the Guinness World Records title as one of the great highlights of their lives.