Largest skateboard ramp
Bob Burnquist
United States (San Diego)
The largest permanent skateboard ramp is situated at the farm home of professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist near San Diego, USA. Constructed in 2006, the "mega ramp" is 110 m (360 ft) long and 23 m (75 ft) high, and consists of a 55-m-long (180-ft) launch section, 21-m (70-ft) gap, 8.5-m (27-ft) slope section and a final 9-m (30-ft) quarterpipe. Reaching speeds of 55 mph (88 km/h), skateboarders can shoot a further 6 m (20 ft) or more above the top of this quarterpipe. The ramp cost US$280,000 to construct, and, in order to bypass local planning laws, is officially designated as an agricultural building.