Most users of an MMO videogame
254,994,744 total number
United Kingdom ()

As of 25 July 2017, British studio Jagex reported that there had been 254,994,744 player accounts created for its fantasy MMORPG RuneScape since the game's launch in 2001. This is the most known users for an MMO.

The Asian MMOs Dungeon Fighter Online and Fantasy Westward Journey have both been reported to have had more registered players than RuneScape, but no official data is currently publicly available. On 12 September 2016, RuneScape officially exceeded 250 million user accounts. Jagex celebrated by hosting a daily prize-draw for the next week, in which players could win 250 million gold coins – the game's most common in-game currency. RuneScape is set in a medieval realm and has been through many changes and updates since its launch in January 2001.