Highest combined age, 5 living siblings
Helen Mae Mangham, Rosalee Mangham King, Grace Mangham Ward, William "W.D." Decatur Mangham, Essie "Virginia" Mangham Brooks
489 year(s):day(s)
United States (Lifsey Springs)

The highest combined age achieved by five living siblings is 485 years 72 days by the Mangham siblings: Helen Mae (b. 2 August 1915), Rosalee (b. 4 December 1916), Lucy Grace (b. 19 May 1919), William Decatur (b. 28 September 1921) and Essie Virginia (b. 18 October 1925) (all USA), who were all born to James and Essie Mangham, in Georgia, USA. The achievement was verified on 4 December 2016.

The siblings, still living in Georgia, have memories of the Great Depression, the arrival of electricity in their county, and the first telephones, radios, and televisions in their community.