Largest spray paint mural by one artist
Avi Tal
2,038.96 square metre(s)
Israel (Dimona)

The largest spray paint mural by one artist measures 2,038.96 m² (21,947.18 ft²), and was achieved by Avi Tal (Israel), in Dimona, Israel, on 1 March 2016.

Avi, whose artists name is SPINE B7, has been painting with spray cans since 2005. He was commissioned by the municipality of Dimona in Israel to paint the walls of the football stadium.

Despite his extensive experience with aerosol painting, the massive project took two months to plan as he had to prepare numerous sketches and calculate how much material he needed. The actual painting of the wall took almost a year, and the first three months of that were spent undertaking the gruelling task of preparing the wall and cleaning it.

Avi says the hardest challenge to overcome was the heat: "It was so hot working in the desert with all the gear [long clothing, gloves, mask, sunglasses, hat...] and going through heatwaves of 40 degrees Celsius plus was intense". In addition, at the time, Avi didn't have a driving license so he had to carry all the paint and filming gear in a shopping cart, pushing the whole thing through rough dirt and sand, back and forth around the wall as he went along.

Avi ended up using a whopping 2,200 cans of paint overall to paint the massive wall. He says his favourite art on the wall is the shark and the fish, which appear at the beginning of the wall. "I guess coming from the desert where water is so rare I automatically have a strong attraction to it", he says.

Avi thanks the municipality of Dimona for their support throughout the massive project, and the local basketball gym who let him sleep there sometimes to save him going home every day with all his equipment.

Congratulations to Avi on this incredible achievement!