Longest mobility scooter
Luke Finch, Roy Finch
3.10 metre(s)
United Kingdom (London)

The longest mobility scooter is 3.10 m (10 ft 2 in), achieved by Luke Finch and Roy Finch (both UK), in London, UK, on 26 July 2020.

Roy (55) and Luke (15) are father and son. They started this project to prove what can be done using old parts which have been thrown out by people or shops.

Building took around 6 weeks, plus an extra 2 weeks for the finishing touches. The greatest challenge they faced was fixing the wiring, as some of it had melted from the original mobility scooter used.

As the parts they used were mostly free, overall the project cost less than £100. Roy worked a car mechanic and Luke is currently studying engineering in secondary school, so this project was an opportunity for them to test their skills. Though they have built smaller electric vehicles in the past, Roy and Luke have never made a vehicle of this size.

They would love to try for another record one day. When asked what being a record holder would mean to them, the response was: “Being a Guinness World Records title holder would be a great honour for the both of us. From as long as I can remember we have always bought the Guinness World Record books, where we would look through them wishing that we could one day hold a world record. Even the thought is amazing!”