International Mineralogical Association

The IMA held its first meeting in April 1958. Today, the IMA consists of 39 member societies representing all six populated continents. In addition to sponsoring and organizing conferences, the IMA facilitates interactions within the global mineralogical community through the activities of its commissions, committees and working groups. Its mandate ranges from streamlining the nomenclature and classification of minerals to the preservation of mineralogical heritage to outreach.

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Largest gold nugget

The Holtermann Nugget, weighing 235.14 kg (7,257 oz, 7,560 troy oz), found on 19 October 1872 in the Beyers Holtermann Star of Hope mine, Hill End, New South Wales, Australia, contained some 82.11 kg (2,534 oz, 2,640 troy oz.) of gold in a 235.14 kg (7,257 oz, 7,560 troy oz) slab of slate.