Channel Swimming Association

The Channel Swimming Association (CSA) has been the governing body of Channel swimming and supporting swimmers with the logistics of crossing the Strait of Dover since its formation in 1927. The organization only recognizes swims that are conducted under its rules and that are accompanied by its appointed observers.

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First double crossing of the English Channel by a two-person relay team (male)

On 9 July 2018, Rugby for Heroes team members John Robert Myatt and Mark Leighton (both UK) successfully completed the first two-person double crossing of the English Channel swimming in relay by a male team. The two childhood friends alternated in one-hour stints, swimming from England to France in 10 hr 41 min and back to England in 12 hr 8 min, for a total time of 22 hr 49 min. The record was set under the auspices of the Channel Swimming Association.