Berkeley Seismology Lab

Professor Michael Manga is chair of Earth and Planetary Science at UC Berkeley – also home of the Berkeley Seismology Lab – in California, USA. He specializes in volcanic eruptions and geysers on Earth as well as other planets. His research has been recognized by a MacArthur Fellowship and election to the National Academy of Sciences.

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Highest active geyser field

Sitting at 4,250–4,300 metres (13,943–14,107 feet) above sea level, El Tatio in northern Chile comprises more than 80 active geysers spread across an area of approximately 30 square kilometres (11.5 square miles) – making it the largest geyser field in the southern hemisphere. It also includes in excess of 200 geothermal features, including fumaroles, bubbling mud pools and hot springs. Owing to the height of the terrain, water boils here at 86.6°C (187.8°F) in contrast to the sea-level boiling point of 100°C (212°F).