Richard Gottfried

Richard Gottfried has played minigolf since he was a child and from 2006 has blogged about his travels, along with his wife, Emily, to more than 900 minigolf courses, described as their "Crazy World of Minigolf Tour". He has won multiple titles as a player on the UK tournament circuit and has competed in international championships in Finland, Sweden and the USA. An avid collector of minigolf items and ephemera, he has built up a large archive and collection in the Crazy Golf Museum.

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Most miniature golf courses visited

Between 2006 and 2022, minigolf enthusiast-turned-competitive player Richard Gottfried (UK) visited 902 miniature golf courses, playing a round at more than 560 of these venues. For the majority of these (800+), Richard was accompanied by his wife, Emily. The first venue logged was Treasure Island in Southsea, Hampshire, UK on 30 September 2006 where Richard and Emily played on the Victory Trail with Richard winning the round with a score of 31.