David Fischer

David Fischer has acted as the senior US sports consultant for GWR since 2006. He has written for The New York Times and Sports Illustrated for Kids, and has worked at Sports Illustrated, The National Sports Daily and NBC Sports. David is the author of Tom Brady: A Celebration of Greatness on the Gridiron (2021), The New York Yankees of the 1950s: Mantle, Stengel, Berra and a Decade of Dominance (2019), and The Super Bowl: The First Fifty Years of America’s Greatest Game (2015) among other books.

Longest World Series game

The longest Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series game lasted 7 hours 20 minutes. The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Boston Red Sox, 3–2, in 18 innings, in Game Three of the 2018 World Series on 27 October 2018.