Make and Break

Make & Break

Have you been blown away by the hundreds of amazing record-breakers and feats of engineering in Science & Stuff? Now it’s your opportunity to show off your making skills and potentially walk away with your very own world record! Hosted by GWR’s very own mad scientists, Professor Orbax and his lab assistant Sweet Pepper Klopek, you’ll find all the tips and instructions you need to take on our 10 exclusive experiments.

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Meet your experi-mentors

Professor Burnaby Q Orbax and his lab assistant Sweet Pepper Klopek will be your guides through our "Make & Break" experiments chapter in Science & Stuff. They’ll tell you what you need, how to make things (and how not to), and some actual science behind the records (don’t worry: only the fun bits!). Before you put on your goggles and lab coat, though, let’s find out more about our very own mad scientists…

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