Meet the stars of Guinness World Records 2023

What record holders are going to represent Guinness World Records 2023? 

Why space was the focus for the new edition, and how do we pick our theme each year? And... what is the largest prehistoric fish? 

In this section, you'll be able to explore the history of our book, as well as some of the most iconic Guinness World Records titles: tallest people, longest fingernails, world's tallest buildings and much more.

Every day, at Guinness World Records, we encounter different people; different lives, different stories.

Some of them are awe-inspiring and visually impactful, some others are fun and entertaining. 

For example, we can't but smile at talented pets displaying wonderful abilities as they perform tricks.

And, then, other voices are inspiring in their message of positivity, acceptance and healing: from the words of self-love, strength and unity of the most siblings with albinism to the poignant story behind the longest fingernails.

If every year the Guinness World Records book captures a snapshot of our world, these dedicated articles hover a magnifying lens over the stories that, woven together, create the fabric of our reality. 

Dive into each and every one of them, and meet the shining stars of Guinness World Records 2023.

Collage siblings with albinism tallest dog longest car