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Dive right into five fun and educational activities with a focus on the environment to learn more about the different climates and eco-systems.

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Get crafty and create a map of your local area through feathers and leaves, or use your artistic skills to make a collage of the changemakers that most inspire you.

Ideal for your class, your children and grandchildren and for the younger members of your local community, these activities will provide the next generation with new food for thought regarding the planet and its disparate, stunning environments.

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Play Activity 1: Change Makers

Use your artistic skills to make a collage of some of the change makers that inspire you. Why are these people amazing? What can you learn from them?


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Play Activity 2: Eco-Engineers

Eco-engineers have clever and unique ways of using the resources around them for good: try your hand at building a mini-home using eco-sustainable materials.


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Play Activity 3: Conservation

Learn about the types of birds in your local area by conducting a bird feeding experiment: what species of bird inhabit your local area, what do they eat and what attracts them?


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Play Activity 4: Polar Regions

Get creative by picking a habitat from around the planet and create your own new animal. How did it adapt to the climate? What are its characteristic? Let your imagination flow freely!


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Play Activity 5: Rebuilding Earth

Learn more about the wildlife and species in your local environment by designing your own scavenger hunt!


For every activity, share what you've learnt with friends, family and local community.
Spreading your new findings and comparing experiences with adults and fellow classmates can be a great way to inform and inspire! 

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