Bring dinosaurs back to life!

Have you ever wondered what a Triceratops looks like in real life? Six record-breaking prehistoric animals, one free app, one simple gesture: all you need is your phone or tablet to bring these majestic creatures back to life.

Download the free AugmentifyIt® app, scan the icons in the book and meet six record-breaking dinosaurs in 3D.

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The FREE augmented-reality (AR) app AugmentifyIt® is designed to bring Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) learning to life! The app works with a multi-award-winning range of AugmentifyIt® AR card packs, stickers and educational resources. 

Visit Peapodicity, the makers of AugmentifyIt®, to learn more about the app and where to purchase the card packs. Check out the link below for an exclusive interview with the makers of our AR dinos!

Where to download the AugmentifyIt® app

AugmentifyIt® is available for all devices on the App StoreGoogle Play or Amazon.


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