Against the Clock

The Against the Clock chapter in Guinness World Records 202showcases some of our most skillful (and speedy) record holders! Think you’ve got what it takes to join them and earn your place in the next book? All these records can be attempted at home using everyday items, so there’s no reason not to have a go.

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30 seconds tin stacking record

Most tins stacked into a pyramid in 30 seconds

  • The tins used must be commercially available
  • You can only stack one can at a time
  • You can only use one hand. The other must remain behind your back
  • Ahead of the attempt starting, all tins must be placed on their side on the ground or table upon which the attempt is being performed.
  • You can pause during the attempt, but we don't recommend it!
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60 seconds cocktail stick snapping record

Most cocktail sticks snapped in one minute

  • The cocktail sticks used must be commercially available
  • Each cocktail stick must be laid flat on a table prior to the start of the attempt
  • Your hands must be placed on the table, palms down, prior to the start of the attempt
  • Only one cocktail stick may be snapped at a time
  • Each cocktail stick must be clearly snapped in two, using only the immense strength of your hands and fingers!
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3 minutes balloon blowing record

Most balloons blown up in three minutes

  • The record is to be attempted by individuals only
  • The balloons used must be commercially available with a minimum diameter of 20 cm when inflated
  • All balloons must be inflated by mouth. Artificial means such as gas pumps are not allowed
  • Inflated and tied off balloons that explode within the three minutes will still count, provided they met the minimum requirements when tied
  • You may need to stop to catch your breath during the attempt, but the clock will keep running!
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one hour domino toppling record

Most dominoes toppled in one hour by a team

  • The record is to be attempted by a team of up to 12 people
  • Any commercially available dominoes can be used, as long as they are equal to or larger than 39 x 19 x 7 mm
  • The dominoes must be laid out flat on any surface before the attempt starts
  • During the attempt the dominoes must all be stacked on their smallest edge
  • The setting up of the dominoes must be completed within the one hour timeframe. You only get to topple once the hour is over!
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one day paper chain making record

Longest paper chain made in 24 hours by a team

  • The chain is to consist of single strips of paper with maximum dimensions of 46 cm long and 4.5 cm wide
  • Challengers must form each paper strip into a link using a hand-help stapler, double-sided sticky tape or glue
  • The strips of paper can be pre-cut, but not pre-linked
  • Participants can create their own shorter chains and join them together, as long as all chains are made and joined within 24 hours at the same venue
  • This is a record for a team of unlimited size - enlist the help of all your friends and family!
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