YouTuber SeaPeeKay (aka Callum Knight) has had a busy time of it of late when it comes to setting Guinness World Records. First, he was a contestant on our GWR Gamer's Showdown, where he set the fastest time for building a house in Minecraft. But he didn’t stop there, building something much more elaborate for Gamer’s 2019 as you’ll see…

Minecraft Callum Knight

We first got wind of SeaPeeKay's building exploits by way of his YouTube channel, the place where he dedicates his time to everything Minecraft.

"I love Minecraft so much because its possibilities are limitless," he told us. "From building something from your favourite show, to bravely adventuring in new lands, there are always new things to do every time you load up the game!"

To put his expertise to the test we challenged him to build a house in Minecraft's Survival mode – though, of course, it had to be built to our very strict guidelines. He took just 3 minutes 54 seconds to rise to the challenge – and just as impressive was the fact that he did it live on our GWR Gamer's Showdown!

With his first Guinness World Records title in the bag, he was soon back for more. This time attempting to build a castle fit for a king, one brick at a time. You can see for yourself how he went about building his castle. Not that he was entirely happy with his efforts.

Straight after his attempt he told us: "I think that there are definitely faster methods of building and I was being very careful as to not misplace blocks which I think slowed me down. I feel I could have knocked more time off if I had worked out the quickest and most efficient way to place the blocks."

If you think you can take on SeaPeeKay's advice and become the king of your own castle, then why not try it for yourself. In Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2019 we've set our readers the challenge of taking on four unique Minecraft records, of which one is the exact same castle built by SeaPeeKay.

Helpfully there are tutorials showing what you need to do to attempt each record - find out what the current time to beat is and become a Guinness World Record holder!

Who knows, perhaps this time next year we'll be crowning a new king of Minecraft. For now though, at least we know that SeaPeeKay isn't letting all that power go to his head...

"If I were the king of Minecraft, I would just want to make sure everyone who lived in the land would be happy," he told us. "Oh and also deal with that pesky spider problem, they're always causing me problems!"

SeaPeeKay castle 2