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The Records Management Team at Guinness World Records has been asked by our consultants at the Ocean Rowing Society International to provide an update on the status of the record for longest journey by kayak/canoe solo.
In 2016, the title was temporarily suspended, when the previously approved application made by Marcin Gienieczko of Poland in September 2015 was placed under review. This was following concerns raised by the kayaking community regarding the details of Mr Gienieczko's journey between Peru and Brazil.
Following a subsequent investigation by Guinness World Records, including a request to the applicant himself, it was ruled that Mr Gienieczko's attempt should be disqualified until further evidence in support of his application was forthcoming. This remains the case, and as of 21 July 2021, the record does not have an extant holder, but the category remains open for any suitable application.
The record category for the longest journey by canoe/kayak solo has accordingly been removed from the Guinness World Records website as there is no holder of such a record at this time.
Anyone wishing to apply for the record should make an application via this website.