Yoghurt brand Müllerlight Goodies organised an event at the Copper Box Arena in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which saw an incredible 391 participants break the record for the Largest exercise ball demonstration/class.
The attempt was hosted by Team GB taekwondo Olympian Sarah Stevenson and former 'Record Breakers' host and three-time Olympic medallist Kriss Akabusi.
Muller largest exercise ball class
Müller set up the mass participation challenge to launch their new coconut flavour desert and celebrate their partnership with Team GB for Rio 2016.
Official Guinness World Records judge Sofia Greenacre was on hand to count and verify the fun fitness record as it was broadcast live on Facebook.
Müllerlight Brand Manager Sarah Newman said: “This is the first time Müller has broken a Guinness World Records title and we are thrilled to have joined forces with Sarah Stevenson and Kriss Akabusi in our bid to make exercise history! This broken record is the first of a series of activities Müller has planned as to rally the public to get in Team GB’s Corner® this summer and support their success at Rio.”
Muller largest exercise ball class certificate presentation
Previously the largest exercise ball class was 353 people and was achieved by Michelle Bridges (Australia) on the set of NBC’s "Today" in New York, New York, USA on 10 April 2014.