Eighteen-year-old Abhishek Choubey from India recently set a new world record after hauling a 1,070 kg (2358.94 lbs) car using just his shoulder blades and a tow rope.
Known in his hometown as “Steel Blades”, Abhishek has been awarded with the record title Heaviest vehicle pulled by the shoulder blades.
This feat of strength took place in front of a lively crowd in Madhya Pradesh, India, and saw the teenager drag a Hyundai Accent GVS 2004 27.5 metres – much further than the 5 metres required by Guinness World Records – in just 48 seconds.
Crowd watching heaviest vehicle pulled by the shoulder blades
One end of a long rope was tied around the front of the vehicle and the other was attached to a hook on a wooden block, designed by Abhishek’s father.
Abhishek gripped the block between his astonishingly-strong scapula and managed to tow the car without using any other body part.
“I decided to make a world record because I want to do something which no one ever did,” the teen told Guinness World Records.
"It's my childhood dream to be a Guinness World Records holder."
He has been pulling objects with his shoulder blades since the age of eight, having started with chairs and tables before moving on to bigger challenges.
Not many people have set record using their shoulders, but in 2010 Azim Malik from the UK earned a record for the Most biscuits broken with the shoulder blades in one minute.