Six-year-old Om Swaroop Gowda from India has glided into the record books following a successful attempt at the Farthest distance limbo-skating under cars.
At Orion Mall in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, the impressive young boy travelled a staggering 65.283 m (214 ft 2.2 in) while holding his body just above ground and maintaining a splits position throughout.
Om managed to clear 36 cars during the incredible challenge.
farthest distance limbo skating under cars certificate presentation
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Rishi Nath attended the event to ensure that all the rules for were followed correctly.
To set this record, the gap between the parked vehicles can be no more than 20 cm and the gap underneath each car can be no more than 35 cm.
As with all limbo skating attempts, the challenger’s hands and fingers are not allowed to touch the ground at any point during the attempt.
farthest distance limbo skating under cars india
India Live Today reported that Om’s coach, Raghavendra K from RV Skating and Sports Club said: “I am feeling very proud.”
Previously, the farthest distance limbo skating under cars was 48.21 metres (158 ft 2 in) and was achieved by Shreeya Rakesh Deshpande (India) at Kagal five star MIDC, Kolhapur India in 2012.