Oldest office manager smiles with her official certificate

For many people who are reaching retirement age, it's all they can think about.

However, for Yasuko Tamaki of Japan, the thought of retirement has never crossed her mind.

Born on 15th May 1930, the 90-year-old has been working at Sunco Industries - a trading company specialising in screws - since 1956. She is now recognized as the oldest office manager for her lengthy service to the company.

Upon receiving the Guinness World Records official certificate, she expressed gratitude to her workplace. "All I did was doing what I'm expected to do for 90 years, so I don't know what to say! I am truly touched."

Yasuko works on office accounts, calculating staff's salaries and bonuses, as well as tax deduction calculations; that means she's at home with PC applications such as Microsoft Excel. 

She's also comfortable with using the Facebook app on her smartphone!


She still comes to work 5 days a week for 7.5-hour shifts, just like every other staff member.

When asked how she was able to achieve such a feat, Yasuko answered "I think it's just an accumulation. I always thought that I was born to be of help to someone. So I want to do things that make chairman, managers and other staff happy. That remains my lifelong goal."

According to Yasuko, there is no such thing as retirement for her. "Once a year ends, then there is another. So I hope to keep on going like that."

At the certificate presentation, Yasuko told her colleagues to live strong with a mindset "if you waste today, then there is no tomorrow."

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