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On the occasion of the "World Sight Day" on 14 October, Johnson & Johnson Eye launched and successfully achieved a Guinness World Record title for the most people making heart gesture online simultaneously.

The theme of this event is "Love Your Eyes", which echoes the theme of this year's World Sight Day.

It aims to call on more people to care for eye health and promote the sustainable development of the eye and vision industry.

The record to beat was 137.

adjudicator witness Most people making heart gesture online simultaneously

After the start signal from GWR adjudicator, all participants - More than 350 eye care workers, cataract patients and J&J eyehealth employees - made hand gestures to the camera connected to the main venue via online conferencing software simultaneously.

As a result, 265 participants successfully accomplished the target.

Through this fun and warm way, Johnson & Johnson Eye Hopes to encourage more people to realize the importance of eye health, and improve the awareness of care for the eyes.

Ophthalmic disease is one of the health problems faced by modern people.

Among them, cataract has become the world's first blinding eye disease.

On the day of the event, Johnson & Johnson also released the 2021-2022 Global Eye Health Survey report, which pointed out that the Chinese public has a low awareness of cataract surgery, with only 25 percent of people aware that cataract surgery is a 10-minute day surgery.

GWR certificate presentation

"Public awareness of eye diseases and their diagnosis and treatment awareness still need to be improved. Therefore, we hope to spread the importance of loving and protecting our eyes through this GWR record attempt," - Liping Wang, Regional Vice President of Johnson & Johnson Eye Health In Greater China, Australia and New Zealand.

"Through unremitting efforts, we have made outstanding achievements in the field of ophthalmology, especially in the field of cataract medical treatment.In the future, we will continue to empower the rapid development of ophthalmic care in China."