largest protein bar being made and finished product

Grenade®, the sport nutrition and fitness brand, unveiled the largest protein bar on 4 March 2020 in Solihull, United Kingdom.

Weighing in at hefty 239kg (526 lb.9 oz), Grenade’s epic Carb Killa® Chocolate chip Cookie Dough protein bar officially created a new world record – that's one heavy pick-me-up!

This protein-packed colossus was equal to 3,716 regular sized Carb Killa® Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars, and was a huge 1.8m in length and 62.5cm wide. 

Talk about biting off more than you can chew!


Based on its weight and the fact that it’s contents were a scaled up version of the Carb Killa® Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein bar, this record-setting bar would have had around 80,000g of protein.

The carbohydrates would have been around 67,000g with only 7,400g of that sugar, and 35,000g of fat, totalling for an incredible number of calories estimated at around 870,000 kcals.


The bar was created to celebrate the product lines 5th anniversary.

The Carb Killa® range features healthier snacking alternatives such as bars and shakes, which are all low in sugar and high protein.

Guinness World Records requires that large food items be fully distributed for human consumption.


The bar was divided up and sent out in custom 'Carb Killa® Birthday' boxes to all Grenade® customers, partners and ambassadors who helped make the record achievement possible.

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