the most nationalities on an aircraft achieved by emirates airlines

Emirates Airline have achieved a Guinness World Records title for the most nationalities on an aircraft with more than 500 passengers from 145 nationalities in Dubai, UAE.

The Emirates Airline A380 flight celebrated the diversity of the UAE with an hour and a half flight, which took off and landed in Dubai on the 48th UAE National Day, to celebrate both the National Day and the UAE Year of Tolerance.

The flight welcomed passengers from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and cultures and included families with children, Emirates Group employees, as well as people of determination - the UAE's term for empowered people with disabilities - and an official Guinness World Records adjudicator.

Many passengers wore their traditional national clothing throughout the flight, providing a colorful and vibrant image honoring their different heritages and traditions.


Following their achievement, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Emirates Airline & Group said: “The UAE has become a remarkable symbol of tolerance and coexistence, welcoming people from over 200 nationalities and backgrounds, all living together in solidarity and harmony. It is in fact the diversity of the citizens and residents of the UAE that unite us and make us stronger through mutual respect and opening bridges of common dialogue, and today’s flight is a celebration of that spirit which is very much a part of our everyday lives here in the UAE.”


The plane was decorated with cartoon artwork of diverse people from all around the world holding hands in unity. The flight was commanded by Captain Abbas Shaban and Captain Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum (both UAE) and First Officer Karin Arning (Germany).

The celebration of diversity did not feature the passengers only but also the cabin crew, which consisted of a team of 22 who represented 18 different countries.

Emirates Airline stated that on an average flight, their cabin crew represent up to 15 nationalities with an average of 50 nationalities in total on each flight.

The cherry on top of the event was a special message wall where passengers wrote their names and wishes for the Year of Tolerance.


Talal Omar, the director of Guinness World Records in MENA sent his best wishes to Emirates Airlines stating: “We congratulate both the UAE and Emirates Airline for making history today. This achievement reflects the keen to spread the spirit of tolerance and show the real image of moderation. The UAE has always been a place of peace and coexistence for people from different backgrounds regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or gender. It is inspiring to see all these people coming together to create an environment that celebrates diversity and understanding. Congratulations Emirates Airline, you are Officially Amazing.”