Making a splash with their 10th anniversary, LAGO Gent Rozebroeken (Belgium) broke the record for the most people performing a cannonball dive with 298 people taking the plunge on 25th June 2022.

LAGO Gent Rozebroeken is a water park that provides access to various recreational activities such as swimming with a focus on families and children. 

The attempt took place at their flagship venue based in Ghent, Belgium, famous for its Olympic-sized indoor pool and water slides. LAGO also has multiple other venues across Belgium. 

So, it was only appropriate to celebrate their anniversary with an event featuring their special pool.

participants sitting and waiting to take part in the record attempt

For this attempt, participants were invited to register and had to be counted in before the official record attempt.

As per Guinness World Records' guidelines, a cannonball is described as a dive where the knees must be raised up towards the chest and with both hands clasped around the knees.

This form had be held throughout, even when hitting the water, for the dive be to valid and contribute to the final count.

participants getting ready to perform cannonball dive

Each participant lined up around the edges of the 50-metre pool before attempting the dive.

After the official three-two-one countdown by Guinness World Records adjudicator Victor Fenes, everyone performed the cannonball dive.

To help verify the attempt a steward was in attendance alongside aqua fitness instructor Yannick Vervaecke.

There were 345 people who attempted the record but only 298 were verified.

participants performing the dive

The number to beat was 232, previously set by The Salty Syndicate (New Zealand) in New Zealand on 26th October 2013. 

"To celebrate the 10th anniversary, but above all the innovations, we wanted to come up with a stunt. The world record for most people performing a cannonball dive soon came up. Everyone was eager to be part of it. The party weekend and the bomb were a great success, with nothing but happy faces!" - Thomas de Vetter, manager at LAGO Gent Rozebroeken

To aid the celebratory atmosphere there was plenty of entertainment in the run up to the attempt with an MC and DJ present.

After the new record-breaking number was announced, LAGO Gent Rozebroeken were awarded their official Guinness World Records certificate.

LAGO Gent Rozebroken hoped to use this successful event as a backdrop to more special events in honour of their anniversary.

lago gent rozebroeken given gwr certificate

All images © Pieterjan Haemers

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