AgroConcept (Romania) has set the record for the most wheat harvested by a single combine harvester in eight hours (team) harvesting a massive 403.64 tonnes (14,831.348 bushels) of wheat in Sindrilita, Romania on 4 July 2022.

The distributor imports New Holland & Kverneland tractors to Romania, and is based in Bucharest with 16 regional centres spread across the country.

combiner harvesting wheat

The record attempt occurred for eight hours non-stop from 10am to 6pm on land owned by farmer Gheorghe Pred.

A total of four drivers operated the combine for two hours each.

The operator team included three AgroConcept employees, Florin Marin, Cristian Catana and Eduard Gîlcevoiu along with New Holland representative Florian Schmitt (all Romania).

four agroconcept drivers stand in a line up

Due to the scale of the attempt, five witnesses attended in two shifts including Dr Ovidiu Ranta, a Professor of Engineering, as an independent observer.

To prepare for the attempt, particular emphasis was put on the weather as to not spoil the crop. They needed to choose a day with favourable sunny weather conditions after a worrying rain forecast. 

However, on the day, AgroConcept’s fears were unfounded as the temperature reached a scorching 40 °C (104 °F)!

The team also relied on the experience of the drivers involved to harvest the wheat quickly and efficiently. 

single combine harvesting wheat

According to AgroConcept, wheat is a staple of Romanian culture, with being bread served alongside most meals.

The record was used to demonstrate the efficiency and precision of the New Holland combine and showcase what it can do in real time.

"We are happy and proud for our AgroConcept team; our result and the New Holland combines that we sell to our customers. We worked hard, kept our faith through a lot of ups and downs and proved ourselves worthy of a Guinness World Records title with a result that brings us satisfaction and joy! We have met our goal as a team and this is what matters most." - Jaydeep Singh, AgroConcept CEO

man fully unloads harvested wheat

To measure the amount harvested, an industrial scale was used and the truck and the harvested wheat combined were weighed. 

Then, after the wheat was unloaded, the empty truck was weighed again. This weight was then subtracted from the previous measurement to give the net amount of wheat harvested.

After the record-breaking 403.64 tonnes of wheat was verified, the certificate was presented to Jaydeep Singh, CEO of AgroConcept, and the rest of the team.

The wheat harvested was then deposited into a store and will go on to be sold.

agroconcept workers receive gwr certificate

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