Diesel (Italy) have broken the record for the largest inflatable sculpture.

The sculpture is 49.186 m (161 ft 4.457 in) long, 37.973 m (124 ft 7 in) wide and 13.401 m (43 ft 11.598 in) tall as measured in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, on 29 August 2022.

Despite achieving the record in August, the sculpture was kept under wraps for a few weeks until it was unveiled on 21 September 2022, during Diesel's spring/summer 2023 all-gender collection at their live runway show in Milan, Italy.

Diesel's show, which marked the start of Milan Fashion Week, was held at the Allianz Cloud Arena in front of a crowd of nearly 5,000 including notable celebrities.

The Italian fashion retailer is known for their jeans, t-shirts, watches and other apparel accessories.

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The silver sculpture, made out of nylon, was placed upon the Diesel-branded stage and took the form of four people whose limbs are intertwined.

Creating the sculpture took months of planning. For the design, Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck was brought onto the project and the team also worked with inflatable manufacturer Bigger Than Life. 

The inspiration for the spatial design started with researching postures of ancient sculptures and gradually the studio came up with the narrative of exploring the limits of the human body.

This design mirrored the all-gender fashion collection that Diesel wanted to portray.

close up of the head as part of the largest inflatable sculpture

As the fashion show progressed, models walked around and in-between the sculpture.

The height and presence of the sculpture was only amplified as the limbs spilled into the audience and edges of the stadium.

For the show, Diesel wanted to create a dynamic relationship between the sculpture and the models, giving the feeling that the models were 'stuck' inside the architecture of the huge stadium and also the sculpture.

To include the audience in celebrating the record, the Guinness World Records title was announced at the end of the show.

silver nylon sculpture showing the head and several limbs

The previous record was held by Shaoju-ju Chang with an inflatable sculpture named Gulliver measuring at 60 x 20 x 7 meters (196 ft 10 in x 65 ft 7 in x 22 ft 11 in) in size with a volume of 1,791.11 m in Taipei, Taiwan, on 20 July 2009.

"I wanted to open Diesel up to the public, for people who may never have been to a fashion show before. They deserve a spectacle, so we’ve broken the record for the [largest inflatable sculpture] in the world. It’s what I believe about the fashion and the state of mind – everybody can be part of Diesel."  - Glenn Martens, Creative Director at Diesel

Diesel has worked with Guinness World Records before on their Successful Living campaign, featuring nine stylish record holders in the fashion house's famous denim clothing.

To amplify the message of inclusivity, the fashion show was opened up to members of the public and 3,000 people registered for free tickets.

After the event, every guest that attended the show received a commemorative NFT based on the sculpture.

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