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In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ayuntamiento de Trillo (Spain) have broken the record for the largest awareness ribbon on Tetas de Viana, Guadalajara, Spain.

The enormous pink ribbon, measuring 5620.5 m² (10764 ft²), was placed upon on of the hills of Tetas de Viana, which in English translates to "Viana's breasts".

It was laid flat on top of the largest "breast" or mesa, and sown together by a group of seamstresses, with the ribbon itself being made up of three pieces. 

The Mayor of Trillo, Jorge Peña, promoted the record attempt, while placing the ribbon on one of the hills of Tetas de Viana was the idea of Laura Domínguez and Fernando Toquero y Mario González Somoano.

overview of pink largest awareness ribbon

Pink ribbons are synonymous with breast cancer awareness, particularly in October with charities and other advocacy organizations holding walks, fundraisers and other events throughout the month.

The community of Viana de Mondejar, Trillo, Valdenalla, La Puerta aided in sewing the thousands of meters of cloth.

Many of the volunteers spent this past summer creating the super-sized cloth pieces ahead of the attempt date. 

The participants included a wide variety of ages, and most have had a history of breast cancer themselves or family members affected by it. 

volunteers gather before setting of on their hike

In preparation for the attempt, Ayuntamiento de Trillo (Trillo City Council) called for volunteers to face the gruelling feat of bringing the pieces of ribbon to the top of the hill.

The council were only hoping for 200 volunteers to aid them in the attempt, but on the day expectations were exceeded with approximately 550 volunteers showing up!

The record attempt kicked off in the early morning, with volunteers carrying the pieces of fabric up at 8:30am.

volunteers hike up mountain with fabric for the largest awareness ribbon

All volunteers wore pink, of course!

During the early afternoon, the last seams were sown and the fabric was laid in it's final form - in the shape of an awareness ribbon. 

A topographer was on site to measure the ribbon and with the help of drones, incredible pictures of the ribbon were taken. 

largest awareness ribbon placed on tetas de viana

This record beat the previous largest awareness ribbon created by ISPEN PHARAMA SAS (UAE) in Dubai, UAE, which measured 4,896 m² (52,699 ft² 128 in²) on 10 November 2021.

Once the record was confirmed by official adjudicator Sheila Mella Suarez, the ribbon was disassembled and donated to various local charitable causes working to fight breast cancer.

volunteers pose with guinness world records adjudicator after breaking record

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