Split image of Dunia Camacho swimming and with her certificates

When it comes to swimming, Mexican athlete Dunia Camacho is setting the bar high.  

A multi-talented athlete with a passion for success, she has achieved four Guinness World Records titles:

  • Fastest short course 200 metres freestyle swim (female, T21) - 2 minutes 56.20 seconds
  • Fastest short course 800 metres freestyle swim (female, T21) - 12 minutes 38. 74 seconds
  • Fastest long course 1500 m freestyle swim (Female, T21) - 25 minutes 06.07 seconds
  • Fastest short course 1,500 metres freestyle swim (female, T21) - 23 minutes 55.07 seconds


Dunia was born in Estado de Mexico in 1988 and finished her elementary education supported by the Montessori method. She is a high-performance athlete with Down Syndrome and has been swimming since she was 8 years old. 

Her discipline and motivation to excel have led her to attain several national-level and international-level triumphs. 

 "If you can dream it, you can do it!" Dunia Camacho


From a young age she has shown so much passion for swimming that she has won more than 500 medals, most of them gold. 

She has participated in championships in Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Canada, Colombia and Venezuela, where she has managed to raise Mexico’s profile by reaching first place. 

"I think about beautiful things on the podium when people say to me Viva Dunia, Viva Mexico and Viva the world champion swimmer."

Dunia Camacho with certificates and medals

As a seasoned swimmer, she has great admiration for American swimming legend Michael Phelps, whom she has been fortunate to witness swimming in person.  

She is very happy to be affectionately called "the Phelps girl" as she feels inspired by the swimming legend. 

Dunia is a very outgoing person and is an active member of several organizations such as; Sports Union For Athletes With Down Syndrome (Suds), Sportsdown Syndrome International Swimming Organisation (Dsiso), World Intellectual Impairment Sport (Virtus) and the Federación Mexicana De Deportistas Especiales, A.C. (Femede). 

Her goal is to create awareness and support for athletes with disabilities.  

During a formal certificate presentation, official Guinness World Records adjudicator Susana Reyes presented her with her four record titles.

"Dunia is an athlete full of enthusiasm for life. The support of her family, her coaches as well as her discipline and passion have been the key to her success," Reyes said.


With her achievements, Dunia seeks to inspire the whole world and show people that nothing is impossible and that limits only exist in the mind. 

Her dedication and commitment to swimming serves as proof that dreams can come true.  

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