Every picture tells a story – but what about 5,867 photos?


realme (Spain) decided to snap up a storm with the largest photo number (108) in Madrid, Spain, on 15 March 2021 with 5,867 photos!

The photo mosaic was created from pictures given by fans online to celebrate the launch of its new smartphone, the realme 8 Pro.

The design of the 108 number was made in a specific way so each digit had a pre-defined number of images.


Each digit was broken down into a certain number of lines – like pixels on a screen.

Popular influencers such as Paula Baena, Jaume Lahoz or Señor Zeta then used the realme 8 Pro from a hot air balloon to take a photo of the record-breaking mosaic from a bird’s eye view.


For influencer Paula Baena, this was her first time participating in a record achievement, which made for a very exciting moment.

The photographer had the chance to try the new phone from the hot air balloon: "I have done mostly video and I was very surprised by the stability of the image," she explained.


The event was livestreamed on realme’s social channels so the community online could see the record attempt come together.

An official adjudicator then verified the attempt online so the success could be revealed to anyone - whether they were there in person or at home.

"Our 108MP camera is a fundamental step forward for us and the most recognizable thing about realme 8 Pro, that is why we believed that it was necessary to do something spectacular and today we have committed to achieve a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title!" - Juan José González, Senior Channel Manager at realme

realme have also broken the record title for largest mobile sentence with 1,024 mobile phones for the launch of their realme 3 phone in New Delhi, India on 16 March 2019.

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