Olga Prokhorova (OLGA IF) and Imaginative Fashion (both in Madrid, Spain) organized the Worldvision Fashion Show on 8 February 2020 to break two new fashion record titles; most models in a fashion show and most nationalities in a fashion show.


Worldvision Fashion Show included 421 models of 78 different nationalities.

Defying industry stereotypes, Olga and Imaginative Fashion's catwalk featured amateur models from diverse backgrounds, as well as professional models. 


The models were from all over the globe, including those from Syria, El Salvador, South Korea, Russia, Sudan, Haiti, Ghana, Iran and India. 


The participation of the models was possible thanks to the collaboration of refugee NGOs and international women's aid associations. 

These organisations were involved for months in the selection of the participants in the attempt to beat the two record titles in Madrid.


“I will remember the tears of joy of the dozens of people who paraded on February 8 in Madrid... people from Africa, Asia, Latin America, some of them victims of horrible aggressions or war situations," Organizer Olga said. 

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“My thanks to Guinness World Records cannot be expressed in words, it has been possible to show the world that there should be no borders or discrimination when human beings want to realize a dream. We aspire to be better every day, and thanks to Guinness World Records  we have shown that we can be better!” - Olga Prokhorova

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