Meet Dr. Khawla AlRomaithi (UAE) who managed to break the record for the fastest time to travel to all seven continents in just 3 days 14 hours 46 min 48 sec. 

Her record-breaking trip ended in Sydney, Australia, on 13 February 2020. During her epic journey, AlRomaithi visited 208 countries and dependent territories.

"The UAE is home to around 200 different nationalities, I wanted to visit their countries and learn about their cultures and traditions," she explained.


The road that leads to record-breaking achievements is often filled with obstacles and challenges, and Al Romaithi’s attempt was no different.

"It was a difficult journey; the attempt demanded a lot of patience especially in airports as well as having to deal with constant plane rides."

"I wanted to quit on many different occasions if I am being honest, I just wanted to get back home. But I kept looking forward to the end goal. My family and friends deserve a lot of credit for motivating me and encouraging me to keep moving ahead in my journey.

"The UAE is a country known for extraordinary record breaking achievements, whether it’s the tallest building in the world or the largest high-definition video wall and even the fastest police car in service. I wanted to show the world and our society that Emirati people, just like their country, are capable of achieving extraordinary record-breaking milestones."

Al Romaithi expressed the joy she felt after breaking the record.

"Achieving a Guinness World Records title is an absolute honor for myself and for my society... I want to dedicate my record title to my home country and society as a gift."


Al Romaithi’s accomplishment coincides with Guinness World Records Day, an annual celebration of record-breaking achievements from all around the world.

This year’s theme is ‘Discover your World’. We aim for everyone to discover their world, whatever that would look like at this strange time.

"Discovering your world is such a great theme especially with the situation the world is in right now. I cannot find the words to express my happiness to be included in the global celebrations of Guinness World Records Day." - Dr. Khawla AlRomaithi 

"I hope that my accomplishment can be an inspiration many at home and worldwide. I encourage everyone to find a way to accomplish their goals in life, nothing is impossible!"


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